Party tent heaters, wedding tent heaters, special event tent heaters, and evaporative coolers

L.B. White pioneered tent heating over 20 years ago and continues to lead the tent heating industry today. We have innovated a full line of quality direct-fired and indirect-fired (vented) heaters sure to provide years of reliable service, as well as evaporative coolers to keep your guests comfortable.

The Premier® direct fired heater and the Foreman® vented heater are ductable to distribute heat evenly, and both are thermostatically controlled to keep tent occupants warm and comfortable.

L.B. White tent heaters are designed and approved to be placed either inside or outside your tent space. See our full line of tent heater ducting accessories to help you create custom solutions for your specific tent heating requirements.

Lastly, L.B. White's tent heating products are also great wherever you need outdoor restaurant heaters, tailgate heaters, outdoor waiting room heaters, outdoor seating heaters, medical testing tent heaters, and more.

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